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Mission Statement

A strong, united AAPI community that continuously strives for the uplifting and empowerment of all its members, addresses community issues within UCLA and beyond, represents and preserves the AAPI voice, and promotes equity through sustainable leadership.

Vision Statement

As the Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA, we are dedicated to dismantling systems of racial oppression and striving for collective liberation* through coalition building* within our own AAPI* community as well as other marginalized communities. We commit to creating accessible programming that educates and politicizes member organizations. To uphold our commitment, we will cultivate a community grounded in the practices of revolutionary optimism* and radical love*.

To learn more about APC’s values we uphold and systems we condemn, please visit this link.

*collective liberation - recognizing that the struggles of marginalized groups are connected and actively dismantling systems of oppression 


*coalition building - the continuous process of building and maintaining an alliance of groups with similar interests and values in order to achieve a common purpose together 


*APC wants to acknowledge our use of AAPI as opposed to APIDA; the distinction of Desi American in the acronym enforces the idea that South Asians are not included in the greater Asian American community. Furthermore, Desi American is not inclusive of the entire South Asian diaspora. Thus, APC will henceforth use AAPI in our language and programming.


*revolutionary optimism - adopted by many anti-imperialist organizers and revolutionaries, this concept divests from nihilist stances of the future and focuses on the possibility that the oppressed and working class can change the conditions of capitalism to better the world.

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