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Mission Statement

A strong, united APIDA community that continuously strives for the uplifting and empowerment of all its members, addresses community issues within UCLA and beyond, represents and preserves the APIDA voice, and promotes equity through sustainable leadership.

Vision Statement

As the Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA, we are dedicated to dismantling systems of racial oppression and striving for collective liberation* through coalition building* with other communities of color. We are committed to creating programming that challenges us to deconstruct our perceptions of society and that is digestible and relevant to all members of our community, both returning and new. In doing so, we hope to continue the work of making our spaces more representative of all Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) narratives. And in an effort to be more transparent and intentional about the programming that we do, we’ve created a working list of values that we support and also a list of topics and ideas that we condemn. 

*collective liberation - recognizing that our struggles are connected and actively dismantling systems of oppression 

*coalition building - an alliance of groups with similar interests and values to achieve a common purpose together